LEA Executive Director's welcome


Welcome to the website for Lutheran Education Australia (LEA), the organisation

charged with responsibility to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) for the leadership, theological formation and accountability of Lutheran education across Australia and for the future of the schools and early childhood centres of the LCA.


This site contains information on the services and policies of LEA and through it, you will be able to access information about our three school regions (Lutheran Education Queensland, Lutheran Schools Association SA/NT/WA, Lutheran Education Vic/NSW/Tas) as well each of our 85 primary / secondary schools and 57 early childhood centres.


Lutheran schools have been supporting Australian communities since 1839 – we have been providing quality Christian education for some 175 years! 


Today LEA is a leading provider of early childhood and school education across Australia.  In 2015 around 40,000 students were enrolled in our 138 early childhood centres and schools, supported by more than 4,000 staff members.


At the heart of Lutheran education are our students.  LEA is committed to building safe, engaging communities which provide quality Christian education with high standards of teaching and learning.


As partners with the LCA, our three school regions (LEQ, LSA, LEVNT) and each of our early childhood and school communities, we share national consistency in the Christian values that inform our actions, guide our programs and define our future directions.


LEA with its valued stakeholders and positive Christian values, seeks to prepare our students for lives of learning, achievement and faith.  We want our students to confidently contribute throughout their lives in service to others and to this wonderful world we live in.


Please feel free to contact LEA or any of our regions, early childhood centres and schools, if you wish to discover more about Lutheran education and our exciting learning communities.


Stephen Rudolph


Executive Director

Lutheran Education Australia