Christian Studies Curriculum Framework

The Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF) is part of Lutheran Education Australia's (LEA) ongoing provision of resources for the teaching of Christian Studies in Lutheran schools which began with the comprehensive Australian curriculum LIFE, launched in 1998.  Both LIFE and the CSCF are grounded in Lutheran theology and informed by the Lutheran Confessions.  The CSCFprovides for the years prior to formal schooling (Beginning Band) and progressing through to Year 12 (Band E).  The CSCF aligns with the structure and terminology of other Key Learning Area (KLA) syllabi, allowing for opportunities to plan, integrate and assess Christian Studies in line with those documents.


The CSCF has been organised into four strands:  Christian Beliefs, Christian Church, Christian Living, and Christianity in the World.  These strands identify the major understandings and processes essential to develop religious literacy from a Christian perspective.


Key ideas [CB]

Key idea 1  Christians believe God is one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Key idea 2  The person and work of Jesus the Christ is central to Christianity

Key idea 3  A Chrisitan worldview is shaped by the biblical teaching of sin and grace


Key ideas [CC]

Key idea 1  Christians believe the Bible is God's word

Key idea 2  The Chrisitan community is shaped by and shapes its cultural and historical contents

Key idea 3  Christians pray, worship and celebrate the sacraments


Key ideas [CL]

Key idea 1  Christians believe that God creates people to live in relationship with him and with each other

Key idea 2  Christians all called to love and serve all people

Key idea 3  Christians have a responsibility in and for the world


Key ideas [CW]

Key idea 1  Religious beliefs and ideas shape people's thinking and actions

Key idea 2  People express their spirituality in various contexts within and beyond Christianity

Key idea 3  People make decisions using a range of religious perspectives and ethical framework


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