Australian Conference on Lutheran Education III

September 2008

Melbourne Cricket Grounds


Keynote Speakers

Fr Frank Brennan: The Spiritual thread of our tapestry

Rev Dr Mitri Raheb: The global thread of our tapestry

Mr Greg Whitby: The communication thread of our tapestry

Dr Felicity McCutcheon: The teaching and learning thread of our tapestry

My Clay Roberts: The social thread of our tapestry

Elective presentations

Malcolm BARTSCH: The thread of truth

Steve BRADY, Jonathan KOTZUR and Michael GREENSLADE: Weaving restorative practices into Lutheran school communities

Bernard BULL: Lutheran education in the digital world

Ursula BULMAN: Do we ban the book, the movie and/or the website? Challenges for censorship and lifelong learning

Geoffrey BUTLER: Pedagogy of the heart

Ruth BUTLER: A peace curriculum

Bill DANIELS: Future funding arrangements for non-government schools

Michael DEAN: Best practice governance for Lutheran schools

Andrew DEWHIRST: Sex, drugs and God

Karen DYMKE: Applied learning

Ian EDWARDS: Activities to allow middle year students to develop mathematical modelling competencies

Sue ELLIS: Boasting in God's graciousness: marketing strategies for Lutheran schools - developing learning journey options for young families

Rob FYSH and Genevieve CLARK: arrangements with Lutheran schools in Papua New Guinea

Graham GALLASCH: The Rite Journey: helping develop healthy young people

Graham GALLASCH: Homophobia and Lutheran schools

Neville GRIEGER: Contemporary spirituality for Lutheran schools

Drew HOPKINS: Should a teacher intervene in a school yard fight? What are the legal implications?

Philip HUGHES: Spiritual wellbeing among second students at Lutheran schools

Dominique JAANISTE and Sandra Carroll: ICONS: sacred tapestries that transcend time and space

Dominique JAANISTE: What tapestry will we weave in the future? Will senior Christian Studies survive?

Meryl JENNINGS: A further thread in the weave: private education for the public good

Adrienne JERICHO: The enduring colours of the changing tapestry of Lutheran schooling in Australia

Peter KELLETT: Digital learning management and remote learning

Susan KLOEDEN: Schools in Finland: what can we learn from them and what can we apply to our schools? Establishing partnership

Lisa KRAFT: International mindedness and the Lutheran school

Jonathan LAABS: Teacher as leader

Neil LUTZ and Adrian RUDSINSKI: Performance management

Neil LUTZ and Adrian RUDSINSKI: Managing underperforming employees

Louise MASON: Reciprocal threads: Christian Studies within the tapestry

Louise MASON: Conceptual threads - weaving stories across time and space

Cain McDONALD: Understanding and teaching the holocaust by utilising the resources from Yad Vashem

Cathy NITSCHKE: Anthropology and childhood spirituality: what do children say about their Lutheran-educated 'self'?

Meg NOACK: Voices of reform and change

Flossie PEITSCH: Teaching us art: when the student is design, fabricator and subject for 'fine art'

Flossie PEITSCH: Religious cliches begone: re-imaging the faith

Darren ROYALS: Current issues in superannuation: a member perspective

Bev SAEGENSCHNITTER: Bounce back for grown-ups: developing personal and professional resilience

Timothy SCHUMACHER: Weaving a faith-reflecting digital footprint

Susan SENG: Teacher study tours: why go?

Susan SENG: Weaving a tapestry for a better world

Paul SMITH: Cherishing Baptism: relevant mission strategies which anticipate God's choice to work in and through the waters of baptism

Jeff SILCOCK: Responsible stewardship of God's earth

Dale STAGG: The truth about life, love and sex - helping young people make healthy choices

Margaret STRICKLAND: Developing and connecting literacy skills using graphic organisers

Jongkers TAMUBOLON: Being a Lutheran university in an Islamic context - challenges and opportunities Cherishing Baptism: relevant

Alison THACKER and Ange BRANFORD: Restorative Justice: the fabric of a fair, collaborative and effective whole school approach to behaviour management

Suanne TIKOFT: Indigenous/ESL Education

Paul WEINERT and Robbie LLOYD: Kidsmatter Project

Mal WEGENER: What makes a Lutheran school Lutheran and is that an important question anyway?

Eric WILSON: Who wins? The unexpected issues and human cost of legal proceedings arising from injuries claims - a school perspective

Dean ZWECK: Teaching Jesus in a world of many religions