Australian Conference on Lutheran Education IV


Keynote Speakers

Bishop Munib YOUNAN: The Truth Shall Set You Free: The Transformative Power of Education in the Middle East

Actual ACLE Keynote Video – Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4 [video abstract]

Alan NOVEMBER:  Contemporary Learning [video abstract]

Dr Thomas NIELSEN:  The curriculum of giving in practice   

Bishop John HENDERSON:  Working with a Heart [video abstract]

Ewan MCINTOSH: 21C Pedagogy [video abstract]

Kari SUTTON:  Wellbeing and Resilience [video abstract]

Paul HOLLAND:  Creativity [video abstract]


Dr Mark WORTHING and Dr Juhani TUOVINEN: [interviewed by Steve Austin, ABC Radio]

Pastor Mark GREENTHANER: “Please don’t do what we did!” – Examining a positive experience of adapting the school worship culture for ministry to families through worship [video abstract]

Marni HARDING and Sandra BARRY: Which way? – The Endeavour Way (Anchoring Restorative Practices and Values Education in Theology to enhance school culture) [video abstract]

Andrew MCCASKILL: A whole campus approach to 1:1 iPad implementation [video abstract]

Angela VANCE: Fill your own bucket first! [video abstract]

Eric WILSON: The school and business continuity [video abstract]

Christine HARTUNG and Mary-Anne ROWETT: Stencils – do they have value in an Early Childhood Setting? [video abstract]

Adrian FRANCIS: iBooks – How to produce stunning electronic books that you can distribute to your students [video abstract]

Christine GILLIONS: Differentiation begins with a dot [video abstract]

Karen SCHULTZ: Internationalisation – Let’s connect with the world [video abstract]

Sarah HOBSON: Wise-Up and get with IT! [video abstract]

Jonathan KRAUSE: Bye, Bye, Buy, Buy [video abstract]

Alistair DUNCAN: Funding your educational vision in the 21st Century [video abstract]

Ruth BUTLER: An Indigenous Education dialogue [video abstract]

Jenny WAKELING: Taize Worship

Darren ROYALS: Transition to Retirement Strategy

Deb HOLLIS and Helen PRESSER: Having it all – creating a work / life balance [video abstract]

Janette SALMI and Cheryl BRADFORD: Towards a Restorative Culture in Lutheran Schools [video abstract]

Yasmine GRAY: How to manage your school’s reputation in a new digital age [video abstract]

John SOMERSET: School Financial Health – Enabling Transformation [video abstract]

Thomas BRENNEN: Stealing contemplative moments inside and outside the classroom [video abstract]

Susan SHAW: Dragonflies and Daisies – using children’s interests to share the wisdom of God’s world

Dr Richard FISCHER: What matters most in the teaching of Music? [video abstract]

David FOLKER: How to use collaborative iPad apps to facilitate a learning environment where every voice is heard [video abstract]

Kay CANTWELL: Are Books Electric? Resourcing the contemporary curriculum using e-books and audio books [video abstract]

Shane JURECKY: “Why do I have to do Christian Studies?” Engaging with questions from non-religious students [video abstract]

Suz WILKS: Journaling with Maths. Creating a tangible Maths notebook for students to use now and in the future [video abstract]

Dr Merryn RUWOLDT and Ruth ZIMMERMANN: What’s theology got to do with it? Growing the culture of theological conversations in schools [video abstract]

Mark MCFIE and Eric WILSON: Knowledge Management in Schools [video abstract]

Geoffrey BUTLER: Circles of Trust: Now I become myself

Jo JONES: Boosting your Faith Connections [video abstract]

Derek BARTELS and Lisa WALKER: Harnessing the Online School Car Park [video abstract]

Neville OTTO and Glenice HARTWICH: Partnerships, Practicalities & Possibilities [video abstract]

Anthony VASSALLO and Kerryn SIMPFENDORFER: School Financial Reporting: Is it as accurate, efficient and flexible as it could be? [video abstract]

David MOORE: The Paperless Classroom for about $10 [video abstract]

Kimberley PFEIFFER: What skills do we need to teach ethical understanding? [video abstract]

Sonia GILLIS: How does our Christian ethos support the implementation of the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum? [video abstract]

Susan SENG: I gave up two weeks of my holidays – and it changed my life and school! [video abstract]

Jenene ROSSER: Australian Curriculum [video abstract]

Vera WHITE and Rob ROHDE: Growing Teacher Quality in a Lutheran School [video abstract]

Stephen HUTH: Must, should and could – an approach to differentiation [video abstract]

Cathy HUNT: Art & ‘App-itudes’: Using the iPad for 21st Century Teaching and Learning in the Creative Classroom [video abstract]

Stephen BLIGHT: School Marketing, Customer Relations, Strategic Enrolment Management

Dr Irena YASHIN-SHAW: How to energise thinking for success in the innovation age [video abstract]

Chaseley LAMERTON: Marketing Lutheran Schools in a Red Hot Climate [video abstract]

Daphne AUSTIN and Michael MAYER: Reflective Spiritual Practices of Professional Leaders [video abstract]

Sue KLOEDEN and Dennis MULHERIN: Governance Workshop [video abstract]

Kerryn SIMPFENDORFER: Business Manager’s Workshop [including Westpac-sponsored Economic presentation]

Marg THORSBORNE: A Culture of Restorative Practice for Non-Teaching Staff [video abstract]

Jenny WAKELING and Karl JENKINS: Taize worship – Quiet Listening. The Peace Makers

Dr Meg NOACK: Conversations with our International Partners [video abstract]

Kuril Dhagun Indigenous Knowledge Centre: Yarning and strolling along the Brisbane River [video abstract]

Queensland State Library: Reach back in time to touch the past

Ewan MCINTOSH and Derek BARTELS: TeachMEET. 13 Teachers will each showcase a contemporary and innovative teaching and learning practice utilising smart uses of digital technologies

Aimee LINDORF: Creative Writing: Tips from a Pro!

Queensland Ballet: Up close with Queensland Ballet

Melina MALLOS and Bruce MCLEAN: Indigenous Art: making connections and growing understanding [website]

Queensland Museum: Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Kabul

Pastor Rick ZWECK: Practising Stillness in Schools: walking the labyrinth

Scott STEVENS: Conversations, questions and challenges: the interface of church / society / school in the 21st century

Design Minds State Library Queensland: Design Minds – Presentation and Workshop 

Dr Jonathan LAABS: The Changing Landscape of Lutheran Education in the USA [video abstract]

Rev Andrew JAENSCH: Wise Fools: Wisdom, worship and the purpose of Lutheran education [video abstract]

Graeme HUF: Wise Planning [video abstract]

Thomas NIELSON:  The curriculum of giving in practice

Stuart TRAEGER and Dr Mark WORTHING: Positive Psychology in the school. What does Lutheran theology have to say? [video abstract]

Radio Interview-ABC: Why is Finland’s education system so successful?

Carolynne NOONAN and Annie TUDOR-LYNCH: Creating a natural outdoor play space on a budget [video abstract]

Andrew DEWHIRST: Class Devotions and Secondary School [video abstract]

Jodie HOFF and Dr Meg NOACK: Service Learning – Building a Culture [video abstract]

Neville GRIEGER: Spirituality for the digital world of the 21st century. What does that “look” like? [video abstract]

Steve GOLLASH: Skills and Community through Story-telling for the Media Age [video abstract]

Dominique JACQUELINE: Building Biblical Literacy [video abstract]

Graham GALLASCH: Excellence: Worthy goal or dangerous desire? [video abstract]

Jenny WAKELING:  Taize Worship

Paul WEINERT: Inner Leadership through Positive Psychology

Christine REID: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross curriculum priority – how to get started [video abstract]

Peter KELLETT, Warren IRVINE and Naree WITTWER: Change Management – From Vision to Action [video abstract]

Lois KUBE & Ruth BYERS: Staff Wellbeing – Highly Healthy; Highly Happy [video abstract]

Eric WILSON: How to Build a Corporate Risk Register [video abstract]

Phill NOSWORTHY: iDea Effectiveness and Communication for Influence

Celeste ACFIELD: Building shared and purposeful understandings amongst teachers to grow stronger and more reflective classroom practitioners [video abstract]

Julia BOULTON and Derek BARTELS: Scootle-ing along – Capturing the minds of our students through ICT [video abstract]

Rebecca MCCONNELL: Teaching Teachers – Professional learning for improved teaching practice and student achievement [video abstract]

Steve KAVANAGH: 21st Century Technology: being connected for learning! [video abstract]

Susan SHAW: Creating a World of Wonder

Libby SANSOME: Wise Up and teach reading throughout primary school [video abstract]

Tim KELLY: Creating a Learning Environment using Productive Pedagogies [video abstract]

Kathryn KONING: Godly Play [video abstract]

Dr Mark WORTHING and Dr Juhani TUOVINEN: World’s best education and its Lutheran origins: A fresh look at the theological foundations of the Finnish education system [video abstract]

Neil LUTZ: The Changing World of Safety in the Workplace [video abstract]

Artists: Wisdom in Christian Art

Welcoming the stranger

Early 2013, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) President (and ACLE4 keynote speaker), Bishop Dr Munib Younan, endorsed a LWF historic code of conduct declaration that calls for faith leaders, faith based organisations and communities to enhance efforts to embrace and support millions of refugees, internally displaced and stateless people and to stand against xenophobia.


Access the LWF statement


LWF President Younan Lauds Australian Lutheran Church Schools

Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan, President of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), has told Lutheran educators from across Australia that education can act as an instrument for peace and understanding among diverse communities - read more


2013 Teacher Honour Roll

At ACLE 4, 90 teachers who have served in Lutheran schools for 30 years or more were acknowledged and honoured.  In total these people have served for 3050 years.  An outstanding achievement.  Click on the honour roll to view the full size poster.