Australian Conference on Lutheran Education II

September 2004

Adelaide Convention Centre


Keynote speakers

Rev Dr Ishmael NOKO: Global challenges and currents

Geraldine DOOGUE: Contemporary society - an Australian view

Dr Peter HART: People matter: working in Lutheran schools

Dr Peter ELLYARD: Learning for success in an emerging planetary society

Dr Kath ENGEGRETSON: Spirituality and the future

Dr Norm HABEL: 2020 vision: a charter for Lutheran education

Elective presentations

Mark ALTMANN: Religious education in a multi-religious context - the Hong Kong experience

Ken BARTEL: Direction and vision for leading the learning community

Malcolm BARTSCH: Alternate education for parents and state

Narelle BOWDEN-FORD: Teaching service in an egocentric world

Andrea BROADBENT: Mathematics learning and teaching for success

Ruth BUTLER: Developing teachers as leaders and agents of change through collaborative individuals

Anne CROSSAN: Stress management for year 12 students using mindfulness model

Bill DANIELS: Independent schools and the politics of education

Tracey DOUBTFIRE: The 3D model of I(IT)eracy in year 1 class

Brian ECKERMANN: Bob MITCHELL: Fundraising through turning water into wine

Peter ECKERMANN: Tom BORGAS: Connecting and communicating to a visual generation

Bill EVANS: Economic scenarios for the next three years

Julie FOSTER: Stuart POHLNER: Outcomes directed, educational continuity in the junior school

Mark GALLAGHER: Beacons in confused seas; teaching, learning styles: Maths, careers, Christian Studies

Michael GLADIGAU: The cultural mix in school and classroom

Roger HUNTER: Governance: being prudent in cross currents

Dominique JAANISTE: Salt in the soup - the Christian student minority

Meryl JENNINGS: Picture books and Christian concepts

Adrienne JERICHO: Growing 2010 principals

John KLEINIG: School worship in a sea of diversity

Jonathan LAABS: A new course for leadership - facing the issues and challenges of tomorrow

Jonathan LAABS: It's a small world - Lutheran education is global!

Peter LOCKWOOD: What do biblical writers mean? reading and interpreting the Bible

Neil LUTZ: Workplace planning through enterprise agreements

Anne MACZKOWIACK: Women leaders in Lutheran schools - has anything changed?

Louise MASON, Sue KLOEDEN, David NORDBROCK: Five years down the track - trends and patterns from benchmarking

Eugene MINGE: Revisiting the two kingdoms - an alternative model of Christian education

Geof NAIRN: The paradigm shift in school design

Dennis OBST: Schools and congregations catching the mission wave together

Vic PFITZNER: Staff new to Lutheran schools - indoctrination or spiritual formation?

Darren ROYALS: A super(annuation) future!

Pam RUSSELL - Ken BARTEL: Lutheran values in action - an innovative approach to curriculum

Jeff SILCOCK: Freedom and the law

David STOLZ: The pastor in the Lutheran school as spiritual director

Alison THACKER: One school's approach to developing critical thinking skills from reception

Noel VOLK: A 2010 vision for Lutheran schools

Peter WATERMAN: Educating well through stories and laughter

Mal WEGENER: To market, to market - but how?

Judy WINTOUR: Listening to our middle school students

Sue ZWECK: The case for early childhood education