Accreditation overview


Accreditation program: a visual representation    

Through its Staffing policy for Lutheran schools, the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) both affirms those who work in its schools and also establishes procedures to ensure that its schools operate in accordance with the mission of the church.  The staffing policy requires all teachers and leaders to engage in an orientation to Lutheran theology and the practice of Lutheran schooling so that they can have an understanding of the special character of the Lutheran school.


Accreditation requirements

Accreditation is the means whereby the Lutheran Church of Australia can be assured that its teachings are known to and understood by those who work as educators in Lutheran schools, and that those who lead the school or teach Christian Studies have an adequate grounding in Lutheran theology.  These requirements reflect the responsibilities that each person has in the Lutheran school. [LCA staffing policy for Lutheran schools]


Required accreditation status

Accredited as a teacher (At)

For teachers who do not teach Christian Studies

Accredited as a Christian Studies teacher (Ac)

For teachers who teach Christian Studies

Accredited as a leader (Al)

For staff members who hold a designated leadership position (*)

 (*) Principal, deputy principal, head of sub-school


Accreditation program

Educators in Lutheran schools fulfil the requirements for accreditation as outlined in the accreditation program through the completion of one or more of the following:

  • Pathways which comprises three elements [Pathways: spiritual focus, Pathways: theological focus, Pathways: vocational focus
  • Equip comprises ten modules 
    o   Expectations of participants
    o   See below for guidelines for recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • Graduate Certificate in Theology (Christian Studies Strand) from the Australian Lutheran College is an alternative means of achieving accreditation for teachers of Christian Studies  [Christian Studies strand comprises:  BS9004L Biblical Texts and Traditions, CT9004L Theological Foundations for Educators, DR9032 Teaching and Leading Christian Studies]
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership from the Australian Lutheran College prepares those in leadership positions in Lutheran schools [comprises: DA9001L Leadership for  a Christian Context, DE9016L Education and Theology in Dialogue, and one leadership elective unit, which could be DE9035L Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership in a Christian School, DS9001L Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership in a Christian School or a unit from elsewhere deemed appropriate and equivalent]

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

RPL information sheet

RPL application form




  • Ensure that the LCA staffing policy and accreditation requirements are fulfilled and that those who work in their school are equipped to contribute to the mission of the Lutheran school

  • Facilitiate and maintain records of completion of Pathways: spiritual focus and Pathways: theological focus for staff in their school

  • Establish and nurture a staff learning faith community

  • Lutheran school as a place of mission and ministry

  • Principal as spiritual leader of the school

  • Provide opportunities for ongoing study and development

  • Advertise all full-time permanent educational positions via the LEA website

  • Extend a letter of appointment which describes the position and the conditions that apply to it

  • Maintain data for staff in national database

Regional office

  • Ensure principals meet their resonsibilities in relation to the LCA staffing policy and accreditation requirements

  • Maintain data for staff in national database

  • Faciliate and maintain records of completion of Pathways: vocational focus and Equip workshops for staff in their region

LEA national office

  • Monitor the requirements of the LCA staffing policy in regions and schools

  • Provide resources for schools and regional offices for staff formation

  • Maintain data for staff in national database

  • Maintain register of accredited staff