LCA policy for leaders

It is the policy of the Lutheran church of Australia that principals of its schools be active communicant members of the LCA.  The LCA is committed to provide quality Lutherans to undertake the position of principal. This requires planning and resources to ensure adequate provision of principals. [See LCA Staffing Policy for Lutheran Schools, and, Church membership and the Lutheran school principal]

LEA Leadership and Formation framework

A new Leadership and Formation framework is currently being trialed accross schools in Australia.  It is expected this will be published by the end of 2015.

Lutheran Principals Australia (LPA)

LPA is a professional association for Lutheran principals which aims to support the national community of Lutheran schools and principals in furthering the aims of Lutheran education across Australia. LPA also seeks to encourage professional growth for existing and aspiring principals.  Read more

Leadership development

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a nation-wide strategic program of the schools, principals, regional and national offices of Lutheran Education Australia to provide leadership for the growing network of Lutheran schools. LDP aims to ensure that Lutheran schools have the leaders required to operate effective schools for the future.  Read more