Leadership Development Program

What is LDP?

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a nation-wide strategic program of the schools, principals, regional and national offices of Lutheran Education Australia to provide leadership for the growing network of Lutheran schools. LDP aims to ensure that Lutheran schools have the leaders required to operate effective schools for the future.  

LDP has four components:

*  leadership profiling

Profiling is the first stage of the program and gives participants the opportunity to identify and reflect on significant experiences and achievements in their leadership journey and provide a basis for planning future personal and professional formation   


*  graduate study in educational leadership

LDP participants will undertake formal study in the two years following their acceptance into the program and will be supported by a 50% subsidy of fees for approved courses. This study will generally be in a special LDP cohort    

*  mentoring

As a supportive relationship for reflection and growth, mentoring in various forms will be part of the program. Mentoring will commence with reflection on the leadership profile report and support ongoing formation and career planning   


*  regional workshops

Workshops aimed to explore the strength, diversity and organisational structure that underpins Lutheran education through regional and national links will assist participants to understand the commitment needed from leaders in the Lutheran school context    

What can participants expect to gain from their LDP experience?

  • Greater understanding of the nature of leadership and administration of Lutheran schools
  • Reflection on their own abilities and how God might be calling them to serve in the context of the Lutheran school
  • Achievement of necessary skills and understandings to be an effective leader in the Lutheran school
  • Greater levels of confidence in their own leadership capacity

Applications for the next round of LDP will be sought in Semester 2 of 2017.


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