Quality Schools

What is Quality Schools?

Quality Schools replaces the ‘Better Schools Project’ and has the specific purpose of focussing on the ongoing development, support and growth of principals and leadership teams for school improvement and to enhance the understanding of Lutheran schools as an integral part of the LCA.


The analysis of the data collected through this project will inform the continual improvement of Lutheran schools by:


  • reflecting on the work of the school in its role as an agency of the LCA
  • assisting each Lutheran school in in its understanding of the experience of staff, students and parents in their learning communities
  • providing data for schools so that a school improvement plan can be developed and reviewed
  • addressing government accountabilities (School Improvement Plans and satisfaction surveys) as a school and as a system (reference: Australian Education Act 2012)
  • aggregating  data across regions to assist national and regional planning for the growth and development of principals and school leadership teams
  • gathering and understanding data for the ongoing improvement of the well-being of principals, leadership teams and their communities
  • informing the development of principals and school leadership teams as they lead their school communities


Further information about Quality Schools